# StepWiser Guides

Windows 11 tips

Free 7-day course on investing in cryptocurrencies

i.e. how to lose money

Crypto-investment diary (from 2021)

Transferring your settings from your old iPad to a new one

From pre-IOS 11 to IOS 11

Digital writing and editing tools

Take whatever help you can get. I've produced a short rundown on Microsoft Word's built-in tools. They don't cut it. So I looked at others as well. They're twice as good, but you could still do with some human assistance.

Bootstrap 102: build better webpages

Bootstrap 3 or 4 are worth your time. Check out the benefits the web framework brings for speedier page development. But you might find w3.css easier to work with.

Web page creation for newbies

My alternative to Bootstrap is the w3schools course and w3pro.css

Dreamweaver 102: CSS 2017

For those who have covered the basics and want to go further.

Visual Studio Code Tips

What Microsoft forgot to tell you.

CSS Plus

CSS Tics, Tips and Tricks for those who've mastered the basics.

Windows 10 whines

Don't we all love to complain about Microsoft? Windows 10 may be the best version since XP but it still has some peculiarities, better known as bits and Bobs (after that famous robot helper that no-one invited home).

Here's my list. For a newbie, here's another guide.

U.N. Online Editorial Manual

This is a version of the most significant spelling rules in the U.N. online editorial manual that you can incorporate into a Word custom dictionary. In case of difficulties, you can download it from here.

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